Andrew was brought up near Manchester and had spent most of his adult life living in Bristol, until he got married to Sara, a Welsh speaker, and moved to Cardiff in 2019. Hence, a new priority is learning Welsh to get a head-start on his son, Elis, who was born in 2020. Other life priorities include being part of church, drinking red wine, and anything to do with sport and the outdoors.


Having started his accountancy career qualifying with Ernst & Young, Andrew then worked in a variety of senior finance and cost management roles in Lloyds and TSB Bank over the next 20 years. Subsequently, he led a large team of management accountants in IVC Evidensia that owned many veterinary practices across The Netherlands, followed by 15 months as Financial Controller at Peter’s Food Service in Bedwas.


Andrew brings considerable finance experience into the Regional Cluster Manager team. Having led several finance teams, he’s keen to enable delivery of the right management information for decision-making. His recent experience as Peter’s Financial Controller highlighted the importance of good “production line” data to facilitate good business decisions. Andrew’s experience helping the Lloyds Banking Group Marketing Director understand his return on marketing investment is an example of his wide perspective on value-adding information.

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