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We caught up with Ayu towards the end of his placement to ask him a couple of questions about his time at Just Love Food Company.

Hi Ayu, what have you been up to at Just Love Food Company during your placement?

I manage raw materials replenishment, ensuring the factory has sufficient ingredients to last production of the many cakes on a just in time basis. This involves stock takes, reordering materials from various suppliers in the most effective / appropriate way given the different situations. My role is rather integral to the operations of Just Love Food as I allow for the creation of the many products made on site. I also manage supply chain and logistics in the absence of the logistics manager, in the sense of creating daily reports on a company wide scale.

How do you think the Student Placement Programme has helped in terms of setting you up for starting your career? 

It has allowed me to live through the ins and outs of working professionally alongside the good and bad experiences. I have also acknowledged that regarding the future of my career, I wish to have a more creative role as my current tasks essentially grant no room for creativity. This opportunity has also made me realise that although functions within businesses that you have no experience in, can seem daunting, it is always great to give it your all which is what I did. 

What skills have you learned while being on placement at Just Love Food?

I have learnt a lot both professionally and personally. I have learned how to manage an integral sector of a business. Involving how to create many forms of reports that range from internal stocks and supply chain movements, to forecasts that are presented to suppliers that aid raw materials management, as well as great levels of etiquette when communicating across companies. The greatest skill development I have experienced though, must be time management. 

Finally, would you recommend the Student Placement Programme to other students and why?

I would without a doubt, recommend this to other students, as it gives you a taste for the real world and gives you experience that no other students on the course will be able to have. Also, it is very fulfilling when you realise, that you have made a substantial impact for your company.


The Student Placement Programme has been extremely beneficial as the student placed had the ability and attitude to make a difference. 


Ayu has been an absolute pleasure to have with us for 20 weeks and wish he could stay for longer.  His dedication and enthusiasm coupled with his ability has made him a valued member of the team.  Ayu certainly made more of an impact and required less support than we expected.


The opportunity arose for Ayu to cover part of the role of someone that left the business shortly after he started.  This provided Ayu with a ‘real’ day to day role as opposed to us finding specific projects for him.  This proved very successful for him and the company. 



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