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The Sustainable Scale Up Cluster's inaugural conference, Money To Grow, will examine in more detail how the 3Cs of scaling up - capital, capacity and competencies - are key to the sustainable growth of Welsh food and drink businesses.


Here is our full agenda, however please note that times and speakers are subject to change. 

Food For Thought:Why You Need The Three C's to Work with Us  


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 




Capital: Not All Money Is Equal  


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 

John Taylerson, Programme Manager, Sustainable Scale Up Cluster 

Alun Thomas, Regional Manager, Development Bank of Wales 

Catherine Lewis La Torre, CEO, British Business Bank

TBC, Rabobank

Money is the key ingredient for food and drink companies, be it debt, equity, long-term, short-term, secured or unsecured.  With so many options out there the panel will discuss what is available, to who, and the right time to start looking at your options.  

Capacity: What are the solutions to capacity challenges? 


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 

James Walton, IGD

Pete Robertson, Chief Executive, FDF Cymru & AMRC 

Jon Langmead, Finance Director, Puffin Produce & Chair of the SSU Advisory Board 

Capacity; How do you grow capacity in your food or drink business and assess the investment required to do so? Should you invest in new capital equipment or look to contract processing and packing as a solution? What should you be measuring and how do you measure your productivity? 

Competencies: Increasing Skills and Knowledge Through Non-Executive Directors (NED)


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 

George Adams

Mike Wood, Managing Director, Just Love Foods

Joan Edwards, Regional Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale Up Cluster 

In this session hear from two sides of the coin, the role of NEDs from George Adams, an experienced food and drink NED and investor, and the benefits a NED can bring to a business from Mike Woods, Just Love Foods. How can a NED add value and provide a wise council? What sort of issues might they expect to deal with and how formal is the relationship? 

Bridging The Gap 


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 

Margaret Ogunbanwo, Owner, Maggie’s Exotic Foods

Bernie Davies

Andrew Macpherson, Regional Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale Up Cluster

Exploring the barriers facing black, Asian, minority ethnic food and drink businesses. 

Breakout A: Impact Capital 


Andrew Macpherson, Regional Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale Up Cluster (Facilitator) 

Sarah Johnson, Triodos Bank 

TBC, Old Mill

Investors/fund providers are increasingly focused on ethical, sustainable, and environmental impacts as well as a return on their investments. How can this type of capital help Welsh food and drink businesses, and how to engage with these impact investors.  

Breakout B: A deeper dive into Equity: Angel Vs Crowd


Brian Meechan, Facilitating 

Wyn Jones, Regional Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale Up Cluster 

Carol Hall, Angel Invest Wales 

Tim Chater, Phoenix Ventures

How should food and drink companies navigate the world of equity investment?  What are the similarities and differences between these different ‘flavours’ of equity finance? How do valuations work, is there a preference for any one in particular, and if so, which is appropriate for food and drink businesses and why?