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We caught up with Leila towards the end of her placement to ask her a couple of questions about her time at Nashville Food Group.

Hey Leila, what have you been up to at Nashville Food Group during your placement?

My role entails managing the marketing for Nashville. I also package coffee and print the appropriate labels needed that day, whilst ensuring health and safety procedures are met.

How do you think the Student Placement Programme has helped in terms of setting you up for starting your career? 

It has broadened my view into the food and drinks sector which I would of never of thought to explore before. The events I attended and the people I have met has made me realise that this sector is what I would like to go into and will present me with huge opportunities.

What skills have you learned while being on placement at Nashville?

I have learnt the ability to work under time pressure, having to package the products in time, otherwise it would ultimately delay production. I have also learnt the skill of communication and teamwork which is critical in any business you work in, especially in smaller organisations where there are few employees. Lastly, I have obtained the skill of product research, having to do reports on my findings, as well as a business plan for my company.

Finally, would you recommend the Student Placement Programme to other students and why?

Absolutely! This has been a valuable experience and one I will never forget. The knowledge and skills you obtain is something you would never be able to experience through academic studies. It is interesting to compare the information you know from university, and it being implemented in practice. The people you meet play a significant part to your time on placement, learning their backgrounds and their attitude in life, inspiring you to succeed in the future. 


It has been great to see youth perspective within our business. It was interesting to see how a young person sees the market we operate in and what platforms / outlets they buy such product from.  


Having Leila as part of the team has been a great physical help in the business and a good experience all around. Being part of the Student Placement Programme has highlighted that we will definitely need support within the organisation in the future.      



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