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We caught up with Joseph towards the end of his placement to ask him a couple of questions about his time at Castle Dairies

Hey Joseph, what have you been up to at Castle Dairies during your placement?

My task at Castle Dairies has been to present to the Managing Director, HR Manager and General Manager the organisation's views on Communication, Leadership and Development, as well as recommendations on how these areas can be improved where required. I have done this through a detailed company survey designed to address these areas.

How do you think the Student Placement Programme has helped in terms of setting you up for starting your career? 

The Student Placement Programme has helped me gain experience in a range of different areas and departments. This has helped me filter which aspects of these areas I enjoy and do not enjoy. 

It’s good to hear that you have managed to explore a few different areas during your placement. There is almost an element of ‘try before you buy’ to it. What skills have you learned while being on placement at Castle Dairies? 

I have had the chance to develop both personal skills such as clear communication, presenting with confidence, perseverance and self-motivation as well as academic skills such as excel skills, report writing, data compilation and data analysis.

Finally, would you recommend the Student Placement Programme to other students and why?

For me, the placement has been an eventful journey, with my original project being scrapped, leading me to find/suggest my own project. The Student Placement Programme benefits those who are willing to be determined and assertive in finding ways to maximise what they can get out of the experience. The ability to apply theory learnt in our first and second years of university is very valuable.

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