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Let’s Talk About NEDs

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

And that’s exactly what we did at our recent event for the Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) who have signed up for the new Sustainable Scale Up Cluster NED Programme. Hosted by Capital Law at their Cardiff offices, eleven NEDs attended the workshop to discuss the role of a NED and how their experience and skills can support a growing food or drink business through the NED Programme.

The programme will match experienced NEDs with suitable food or drink businesses who are looking to fill gaps in their skills, experience or knowledge. Experienced NED and serial investor, George Adams, started the day off by explaining the role and issues face by NEDs, drawing on his long and varied experience. Click HERE to listen to a podcast of George talking about the role of the NED in more detail.

Menai Owen Jones from the Institute of Directors talked about governance and the NED, which sparked an interesting debate about whether a NED should have professional qualifications. It’s fair to say the jury’s still out on this point!

Award winning business coach and speaker, Jan Bowen-Nielsen, talked about mentoring and active listening skills, which included a short exercise for the attendees to test their communication skills.

Covering the legalities of being a NED was Rebecca Mahon from Capital Law. Understanding the legal duties of a NED is vital as they face the same potential liabilities as for executive directors.

The NED Programme now has a database of NEDs ready to work with food or drink businesses right across Wales, read on to see if a NED could help your growth plans.

Could your business benefit from having a NED?

When is the right time to consider bringing a NED into your business? How do you know if a NED would be right for you? Mike Woods, Managing Director of Just Love Foods has two NEDs supporting his business, one of which is George Adams. Listen to our podcast where Mike talks about how NEDs have helped support him in growing his business.

3 Steps to NEDs

Think it might be time to consider a NED? Follow these three steps

1. Download and complete our Board Skills Matrix to identify skills gaps

2. Look at the NED profiles on our website – do they have the skills that you’re missing?

3. Talk to your SSU Cluster Manager or Joan Edwards about NEDs

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