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Why did you want to join the Sustainable Scale Up Cluster?

The Pudding Compartment Ltd has been a beneficiary of the Cluster since May 2021. As a Managing Director, I have found it extremely useful to have access to the cluster managers as a sounding board for help and advice in a number of different areas, especially in relation to strategy development and implementation.

What have you gained from the cluster so far?

In addition to the strategic direction support, this has also included a wide range of specific topics including product costing processes, management accounts, potential new customer introductions, and ERP systems. I look forward to continuing to work with the cluster going forward.

What advice would you give other Welsh food and drink SMEs who are looking to scale up and grow?

Having access to the broad knowledge, experience, and network of the team is a really valuable asset to be able to tap into.


Managing Director, The Pudding Compartment

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