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We caught up with Georgina towards the end of her placement to ask her a couple of questions about her time at SamosaCo

Hi Georgina, what have you been up to at SamosaCo during your placement?

As part of my placement my goal was to direct as much traffic to the business’s website as possible. In order to achieve this, I was in charge of the social media channels for my host business, this means scheduling and creating content and analysing the engagement that the posts get. I also created email marketing campaigns and newsletters to keep customers up to date with the business with embedded promotions that encourage them to purchase again. 

How do you think the Student Placement Programme has helped in terms of setting you up for starting your career? 

The Student Placement Programme has given me skills that will most definitely help me start my future career. For example, I have learnt how to network with individuals in the industry which has been paramount in my individual development. Additionally, I have become more confident as a result of the placement as it has made me step out of my comfort zone. ​

What skills have you learned while being on placement at SamosaCo?

I have learnt analytical skills whilst on placement, analysing audience engagement on social media posts and email marketing campaigns, using this to improve the next campaigns that go out based on the analytics from the previous. I have also developed my written communication skills through copy writing on social media posts as it was important to develop a clear brand voice on social media. 

Finally, would you recommend the Student Placement Programme to other students and why?

I would definitely recommend the Student Placement Programme to other students as it builds your confidence through making you step out of your comfort zone into real life business situations which you quickly have to learn to navigate by yourself. It has been vital in increasing my business awareness and developing my knowledge of the inner workings of businesses.

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