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The Sustainable Scale Up Cluster
Non-Executive Director Programme


As food or drink businesses grow, they might realise that there are gaps in expertise, knowledge or skills in their business that is preventing them from being able to scale up sustainably. One solution to this problem could be to bring in the missing expertise, knowledge or skills in the form of a Non-Executive Director (NED). 


NEDs are experienced senior executives who have a broad view of business, and can reflect a good view of a business strategy. They are often a key element in business governance, making them the line of defence for decisions that can impact the business.

Are you a Non-Executive Director? 

Do have the experience, skills and knowledge to support a Welsh food or drink business? Click here to see if you fit the role. 

Could Your Business Benefit from a NED?

Click below to read more about how NEDs can help accelerate your growth plans and download our Board Skills Matrix. 

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