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Cymru Connects: Resilient Food & Drink Supply Chains Pilot Project

The Welsh food and drink sector is facing unprecedented supply chain cost pressures which are

predicted to get worse over the coming months.

Cymru Connects is a pilot procurement platform solution aimed at supporting producers to develop more efficient and robust supply chains.

The platform is hosted by Canopy and provides full visibility of verified supplier information. The project has received funding from the Covid Recovery Challenge Fund.

Benefits for participating producers:

  • Opportunity to trade with pre-verified suppliers approved to agreed compliance standards

  • Supplier information is collected from source, vetted, and approved removing the administrative costs and burden of carrying out due diligence checks on an individual basis, whilst minimising risk

  • Potential to collaborate with other producers to secure economies of scale and reduce costs

  • Encourage an “internal market” of buying from each other, promoting shorter supply chains

  • Full system training will be provided to participating producers at no cost

  • Comprehensive search engine allowing producers to find and trade with suppliers who meet specific requirements

  • Producers can be both buyers of goods or services and suppliers to other producers

We’re looking for producers such as yourselves to work with us on this pilot and benefit from

procurement efficiencies and help to address the current supply chain challenges facing Welsh


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